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A hearty "Grüß Gott" and welcome dear choker- enthusiasts! Der Frühling ist (wieder) da! Jetzt geht’s langsam wieder los mit dem Trachteln, bei diesen lauen Temperaturen kriegt man wieder Lust aufs Dirndl. Okay, raus aus dem Schrank mit den Trachten, es gibt auch jede Menge hübscher Trachten-Kropfbänder dazu! Heute habe ich 3 neue Kropfbänder eingestellt, that “Country Rose”, “Esmeralda” und […]

elisa kopf

The Choker

The rather uninviting name for an invitingly beautiful piece of jewellery, that has made a woman’s neck an eye-catcher since the 19. th century, is Choker. Unfortunately, nowadays many women, especially the younger ones, never heard of the name – Choker. But what instead of this almost derogatory name? Neckband? Neckbands are worn by animals or are parts of acoustic devices. Velvet ribbon? That comes by the metre […]

Kunden werben Kunden

Customers recruit Customers

Sie besitzen schon ein Elisa-Kropfband und lieben es? Das freut uns riesig, und wir freuen uns noch viel mehr, wenn Sie Elisa-Kropfbänder weiterempfehlen! Als Dankeschön bekommen Sie für Ihr nächstes Kropfband 10% Rabatt. Und nicht nur das, jede(r) Neukunde(set in), der/die aufgrund Ihrer Empfehlung ein Elisa-Kropfband kauft, erhält ebenfalls 10% Rabatt für ein Kropfband. Versprochen! (Dieses Rabatt-Angebot […]

Verpackung I

How is an Elisa Choker packaged?

Packaging for shipping is very important to us, since it has to ensure the proper receipt of a choker. We are using small white boxes, measuring 14,4 x 10 x 3 cm, which have proven to be very useful for shipping our chokers. A white resized presentation-cardboard lies inside this box, […]

Kropfband aufbewahren

Care Instructions

Dear Customer, your Elisa-Choker is a delicate treasure, it has been crafted with greatest diligence. Please make sure to handle it likewise. Please avoid, overstraining the mostly quite subtle dangle-parts of your choker. Always keep it separate from other jewellery, as the dangles tend to get entangled with other chains and such […]

Customer Photos

As a teaser for our customers, who like to be photographed: You send us a photo, on which you are seen wearing an Elisa Choker, and we promise you 10% discount when buying another Elisa Choker!


Deutsches Museum

An Elisa Choker has made it to the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Read more about it in the newspaper article: http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/friedberg/Fundstuecke-vom-Flohmarkt-zieren-Damenhaelse-id26663641.html


About the Designer

Born and raised in Augsburg, the Bavarian town of the famous Fugger-Family, as a gifted daughter of a most talented father, it was my dream at the tender age of 17 to become a graphic designer. After one year of first glimpses into the world of design as a graphical draftswoman in an advertising agency, I settled for the more solid fields of foreign languages, while my creative nature stayed alive and curious […]


The Origin of Traditional Chokers

A "Kropfband" is a decorative part of the Alpine traditional costume, it is characterized by a certain width and worn tightly around the neck. The origin of the traditional "Kropfband" supposedly lies in the Salzburg region of Austria where there used to be salt mines for hundreds of years. While the English name of this velvet neckband somewhat refers to the tightness of the ribbon, the German name "Kropfband" derives from something even more unpleasant than choking. Other than sea salt, salt from the Salzburg region did not contain iodine. The lack of iodine caused a growth of the thyroid gland, […]